Did you wonder what the top 10 baby names for 2014 were?

As expectant parents, there is always the exciting but difficult task of naming your baby. What sort of names are on your list? Let’s take a look at the most popular names for 2014 to help inspire you.

For another year running Oliver tops the boys’ list, maintaining its number one spot since 2011. This was followed by Noah and Jack. For the girls’, Ava has knocked Charlotte off the top spot and down to number 3, with Amelia increasing in popularity to number two.

Leaving the top 10 for boys was Lachlan, Charlie, Cooper and Ethan. The girls’ top 10 says goodbye to Zoe and Sophia/Sofia, which make way for Mia and Ella.

Did you know that 8 versions of Isaac where registered last year but with some creativity you can come up more versions?




There are a number of new name entering the top 50 for this year. These include Matilda, Aria and Charlie for girls and Logan, Hudson and Eli for the boys’. Visit babycenter for a full list of the top 50 boys’ and girls’ names for 2014.

So how do you choose a baby name? Some parents like to pour through baby name books and websites until they find a list of names to shortlist. Others choose names that have a family meaning or name their child in memory of a loved one. Some people like to explore the meaning of names before choosing one, others wait till the moment they gaze into their baby’s eyes for the first time and wait for inspiration.

One method that often raises eyebrows or causes people to roll their eyes is to make up a name. This has given rise to many of the unusual celebrity baby names that sometimes set of trends.


smiling baby wrapped in towel

Oliver tops the boys’ list, with Ava knocking Charlotte off the top spot for the girls’.



Another trend is to take a popular or ‘regular’ name and change the spelling. Did you know that 8 versions of Isaac where registered last year but with some creativity you can come up more versions?

What names have you chosen? Have they made the top 10 or have you chosen a more unusual name? Did you create your own spelling or stick with tradition?

If you are currently expecting you might like to try these websites for helping to choose a name. Baby Name Wizard, Kidspot Baby Name Finder, Behind the Name – name meanings.

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